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DragDev Studios - About

History & Origins

DragDev Studios was created back in 2018, with the creation of the long-buried "ebot".

Ebot was what effectively kicked off DDS, as it sparked the founder of DDS, eek, to develop "Ebot 2.0". Due to ebot being a template of "RedBot", it was hard to add new, original ideas (paired with eek's lack of python knowlege).

Ebot 2.0 was written entirely from scratch (which is why it was subpar). Although very bad and overall not fit for use, it sparked ideas for many of our current (& future) bots.
For example: BumpR. This bot was solely based off the -bump command.
Guardian. This bot was based off the early prototypes of ebot 2.0's moderation
YourApps. This was based off a private command used in our server to allow people to apply for staff without ever leaving discord (this is still the main concept of yourapps too!)

After ebot 2.0 came to an end, (the primary library dragdev studios uses) had a rewrite, and any of our bots (we chose) would have to be re-written entirely.
So what did we do? Of course we made new ones!

Soon after, YourLocalBot (aka ebot 3.0 but shh) was created, which invited many of our current staff (e.g Minion3665 & chromebook777), who helped to create SuperTool (rip), and shortly after, producing Guardian, BumpR and YourApps.